Our Founders

They were driven by passion of Christ for the under-privileged!

Stephen Kakaira


Born, raised and worked in Uganda, Stephen experienced the life any underprivileged child goes through as they grow up. After working with World Vision Uganda for over 5 years in Kaswa ADP in Masaka, Stephen was confronted by a stark reality of inequality and inequity in the rural communities that could not go unnoticed.

Living in the rural community of Mukono that is characterised with high illiteracy rates, school drop-outs and conservatism caused by majorly poverty and loss of parents/guardians; Stephen’s heart ached for transformation which sparked his passion to reach out to such communities especially the youth and children. This was the beginning of the journey to start Shalom Restoration Ministries to give hope to the families and communities.

Judith Kakaira

Judith PP

Born and raised in Uganda, Judith graduated from Uganda Christian University Mukono with a BA in Law. Having grown up seeing desperate and poor families, Judith is very passionate about educating and empowering women and young girls so that they can be able to address their own life challenges.

She believes that women have  great potential to contribute to the well being of our families, society and communities in all aspects of development. She has witnessed this in her seven years of experience at school and ministry in various capacities.

A combination of our earlier childhood and early adulthood experiences have a major impact in our Vision and birth of SRM; a cause to reach out to the under-privileged communities.

Our Partners

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